Clear Aligners and Gum Health: What You Need to Know

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Clear Aligners have become a popular choice when it comes to teeth straightening. Due to their invisible and removable features, these are widely opted. These aligners provide alignment without compromising your physical appearance. By applying a mild to moderate pressure clear aligners bring about a desirable change to your teeth. However, parallel to your teeth straightening journey, you must ensure to keep your gum health intact. In this blog, you will discover how important it is to maintain gum health parallel to clear aligner treatment.

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Ensure Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene plays an essential role in overall well-being which includes gum health. Our gum health is associated with several other factors which is why it is important to keep your gum health intact. A slight lack in sustaining your gum health could lead to periodontitis which may further result in certain other chronic diseases.

When you are wearing clear aligners for your teeth straightening, your saliva does not reach your teeth due to the plastic aligner barrier. As the saliva doesn’t reach your teeth it means your enamel doesn’t re-harden and fight bacteria. This results in an increased risk for cavity and plaque build-up. You must ensure an even more active oral hygiene by regular brushing. Dental flossing is also highly essential during clear aligner treatment to clean stuck food particles between your teeth.

Routine Dental Checkups

While undergoing your clear aligner treatment you should make sure that you are regularly in contact with your dentist. You must continue to have your routine dental checkups. This way your dentist will be able to check your oral health, especially gum health. In cases of even a slight change in your gum health, your dentist will recommend overcoming it.

Avoid Sugary beverages with Aligners

Clear aligners are barely visible which is why you can wear them anywhere you want. However, you must keep a notice of your beverage intake while wearing aligners. You should avoid the intake of sugary beverages while having aligners intact and have water instead. Intake of sugary beverages with aligners will cause drinks to reach your teeth under aligners which may cause plaque. Moreover, an excessive intake of sugary drinks could impact your teeth.

Rinse before Aligner Reinsertion

Clear aligners are removable and whenever you have a meal you must take out your aligners. However, you must follow the required timing to have an effective clear aligner treatment. While you remove your aligners for any food or drink, you should properly rinse your mouth before reinserting the aligners.

After having a meal, you might have some food particles left in your teeth. To prevent any food particles or debris from getting trapped within your teeth before you wear your aligners again you can brush your teeth properly in addition to flossing.

Ensure Product Usage

Your dentist might recommend products like fluoride-based toothpaste or mouthwash that help you maintain your gum health with clear aligner treatment. These recommendations will ensure smooth oral health throughout your orthodontic treatment. The recommended mouthwash used after brushing could help you rinse any remains of food particles.

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Clear aligners are known to be one of the effective teeth straightening procedures. These aligners can provide teeth alignment keeping intact the aesthetics. Unlike traditional braces, aligners are removable which makes it easier to have your meals and keep up with your gum health. By following simple tips during your clear aligner treatment, you can ensure your gum health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to keep gum health intact with clear aligners?

Parallel to your clear aligner treatment you can still keep your gum health intact by ensuring regular brushing and flossing, rinsing before applying aligners every time, avoiding sugary beverages with aligners, and having routine dental checkups.

2. Are clear aligners an effective approach for teeth straightening?

Yes, clear aligners are known as an effective approach for teeth straightening by exerting mild pressure over time. Moreover, clear aligners are removable and invisible features.

3. Do gum diseases have any impact on aligner treatment?

Yes, gum health plays a keen role in your successful orthodontic treatment. Having any gum disease can impact your aligner treatment which is why it is recommended to get your gum disease treatment before getting aligner treatment.

4. Do clear aligners affect gum health?

Clear aligners can affect your gum health due to poor oral hygiene or any underlying gum disease. However, with proper oral hygiene with the help of brushing and flossing, you can minimize the chances of affecting your gum health.

5. Can we use mouthwash during our aligner treatment?

Yes, upon your dentist’s recommendation, you can use mouthwash to maintain your oral health.