What Are Aligner Chewies Used For? Your Questions Answered

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There are several instruments and accessories available for clear aligner treatment that are intended to improve the procedure and guarantee the best possible outcomes. Aligner chewies are one such device that frequently piques people's interest. What do they represent, and how do they affect your orthodontic experience? Let's get started and get the answers to your primary queries.

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Revealing the Mysteries of Aligner Chewies: Answers to Your Questions

Are you curious about aligner chewies? In this blog post, you will learn everything there is to know about aligner chewies, including how to use them properly.

What Do Clear Aligner Chewies Serve To Do?

Chewies play a crucial role in the clear aligner procedure. Clear aligner chewies have two major functions: they aid with aligner placement and retention during wear.

How do Aligner Chewies work?

Aligners must fit snugly as they gently force teeth into new places. It can be challenging to get used to each new aligner, though. Aligner chewies are cylinders made of soft plastic that help with aligner placement. After placing your aligner for a few minutes, just bite on a chewie. By doing this, aligners are better able to fit the contours of teeth and move teeth properly.

Can the Treatment Process Be Faster With Clear Aligner Chewies?

Yes, the course of treatment can be faster with clear aligner chewies. You can get the results you want more quickly if you use chewies to realign your teeth.

Are Clear Aligner Chewies Reusable?

Sure, clear aligner chewies are reusable. There are a few considerations, though. Firstly, after every usage, give them a thorough cleaning with warm, soapy water. Second, only reuse them if their form and flexibility have not been lost and they are still in good condition.

Warnings Regarding the Use of Clear Aligner Chewies

It is important to thoroughly weigh the risks of clear aligner chewies before starting treatment. Chewing too much might make your gums recede, which can cause discomfort and other issues.

Can You Eat Clear Aligner Chewies?

While they can be safely chewed on, clear aligner chewies are not edible. A clear aligner chewie that is swallowed could result in choking or other major health issues. In addition to helping to keep your aligners clean, chewing on clear aligner chewies can help reduce stress and tension.

Clear Aligner Chewies: How Do You Use Them?

Aligner chewies are easy to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use them appropriately:

  • Put your aligners in normally to start.
  • Place the chewie in between your teeth, paying particular attention to the back teeth where your aligners often need a bit extra force.
  • For five to ten seconds, bite down on the chewie firmly but gently.
  • Bite on the chewie in various locations and on all sides as you move it around your mouth.
  • This process should be repeated several times a day, especially after putting in new aligners.


Although aligner chews might seem like a tiny addition to your clear aligner regimen, they can have a big impact. To get the benefits directly, think about trying chewies the next time you put in a new set of aligners.

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1. Are chewable aligners required for everyone?

While Aligner chewies have many benefits, not all patients may require them. For some people, the aligners may fit well enough that they don't require further help from chewies.

2. Can you use aligner chewies with any kind of Aligner?

Yes, the majority of aligner chewies can be used with any kind of clear aligner.